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Raymond Park Intermediate Academy

August 10, 2018

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Dear Parents,

We are finishing up an excellent second week of school! Students are busy working through their grade-level curriculum as well as taking their first round of assessments for the school year.

The Next Steps in Guided Reading Assessment assesses a student’s reading level and provides teachers with information on a student’s comprehension skills. These reading levels will then allow teachers to individualize their instruction and support students’ reading growth. The assessment is given three times per year to track students’ growth.

The NWEA Assessment takes place in reading and math. Students will be taking this assessment over the next couple of weeks; this test is an adaptive assessment that adjusts to a student’s responses as questions are answered. NWEA is also administered three times per year to help us target and track students’ growth. We look forward to sharing your student’s scores with you during parent-teacher conferences in early October!

Lastly, remember that we are in the midst of our all-school PTSA fundraiser. Please encourage your student to sell items to family members or close friends! Order forms are due back on August 20th. The more items our students sell, the more our PTSA can help support the RPIA school community!


Mrs. Carey Storm


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