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The Madison School Newsletter / February 23, 2018

Save the date: Top Golf fundraiser to support the new playground

Please mark your calendars for an upcoming, adults-only fundraiser on Sun., April 22 from 1-5 p.m. at Top Golf in Naperville. Proceeds will go directly toward the fund to build a new playground in the back of school. Details will be coming soon. We encourage you to attend and share the event with friends and family. Anyone can attend! We are currently looking for businesses to sponsor this fabulous event. Please contact Mary Henderson at if you/your business would like to be an event sponsor.

Volunteer at the book fair

The spring Scholastic Book Fair is March 12 – March 15. We are looking for volunteers to help us plan and conduct our school’s best reading event ever!

Join us if you:

  • like to organize and put things in place
  • bring creative flair to signs and decorations
  • enjoy offering a helping hand, setting up, or packing up. (Set up is Fri., March 9 and take down is Fri., March 16.
  • want to help shoppers of all ages find the perfect book.

We appreciate your support in whatever form it takes. Questions? Contact Mrs. Graham (

Calling all Kindergarten Students for the 2018-19 School Year

Kindergarten Round-Up is Wednesday, March 7

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for in-office enrollment

Principal and Teacher presentations begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Madison LLC.

This is a parent only event*

Please visit the District 200 website for a list of required enrollment documents.

You can also enroll a kindergartner any time before March 7th at Madison in the main office.

For questions, please contact Brianna Barg at or call 630-682-2095.

Click here for more information about the District 200 Kindergarten program.

Help the Yearbook Committee; upload photos

Thank you to the 23 students who participated in the annual Madison Paw Prints cover contest. The Madison staff and faculty has voted and the top five entries have been chosen. Congratulations to Cameron E., Greta G., Claire N., Samantha V., and Addison W. Their artwork entries will be on display in the LLC until February 22 for Madison students to view and vote. The winner will be announced on Fri., Feb. 23.

The Yearbook Committee needs your photos for use in the school yearbook.

To upload Winter Concert and winter class parties pictures, please use this link to reach the Holiday Happenings folder:

To upload Valentine's Day Party pictures, please use this link:

Please use this passcode if you are having trouble uploading photos. 1014308585474714

Orders can now be placed for the 2017-2018 Madison Paw Prints. A yearbook costs $17 and will be delivered to the students before the end of the school year. Please click to order and pay with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover) or check.

If you are unsure if you ordered a yearbook, please click here to view all orders as of February 19, 2018.

Please consider joining the Yearbook Committee. There are many opportunities to help from taking photos of special events, to creating actual yearbook pages using TreeRing, to helping with orders and more. If you have any questions, please contact Dawn Draus at

Attend the WWSNPTA meeting

WWSNPTA has a General Membership meeting on Thurs., Feb. 22 at 1 p.m. at Monroe Middle School. all are welcome.

Questions? Contact Sarah Gochee (

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Notice of PTA By-law vote

An amendment to the the Madison PTA by-laws will be voted on in the February PTA meeting. Verbiage will be changed to clarify that officer terms are for 2 years, which reflects how the PTA has always operated.

Get orthodontic services, support the Madison playground fund

Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics, owned by our own Bauer Madison family, have generously offered to donate $250 to our new playground fund for every single new patient that starts braces or Invisalign at their office between January 1 and May 31! Eighty new patients could bring Madison $20,000 toward building a new, accessible playground in the back of school. Their office is located on Roosevelt road in Wheaton. If you or someone you know is looking for these services, check them out and support the Madison playground fund!

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Reminder from the health office

Unfortunately, this is the time of the year when many viruses and germs are prevalent. Deciding when to keep your child home from school is not always easy. Unnecessary absences interfere with learning and time off work or childcare issues can be inconvenient; however, little learning takes place for a child when sent to school ill. When a child is truly sick, it is important they stay home in the care of an adult to get well and to limit the spread of germs at school. Illnesses can spread quickly in a classroom and sending a sick child to school puts other students and staff at risk for illness. Let’s work together to keep our school community and our homes as healthy as possible! Below are some guidelines to help you decide when to keep your child home from school.

When to Keep Your Child Home

Please keep the student home if:

  • Skin rash from an unidentified cause that has not been evaluated by a physician. Please note that open sores should be covered until healed or evaluated by a physician.

  • The oral temperature is 100 degrees F or greater. A student with such a fever should remain home for 24 hours after the temperature returns to normal without the aid of fever-reducing medication.

  • Experiencing nausea, diarrhea, and/or vomiting. Students should remain home until symptom-free for 24 hours without the use of medication.

  • Complaining of severe, persistent pain.

  • Showing signs of an upper respiratory infection (cold symptoms) or any other illness serious enough to interfere with the student’s ability to learn.

  • Signs of conjunctivitis (“pink eye”) present with symptoms such as secretions from one or both eyes, itching, and crusts on eyelids.

Reporting Absences

You must notify the school if your child is home sick and report any diagnosed communicable diseases. When reporting an absence, please indicate the reason for the absence. If due to illness, please report symptoms including whether your child has a fever, cough, or sore throat.

If you are not sure whether to send your child to school, you may call the school nurse for consultation. If you’re still in doubt, call or visit your physician.

Re-Admission after Contagious Illness

Re-admission following illness from contagious diseases may require a back-to-school permit signed by a physician. Guidelines established by the Illinois Department of Public Health are used to manage communicable diseases in school. Please have medical documentation of any school accommodations that are requested.

Head Lice

Parents are encouraged to check their child regularly for head lice. If a case is discovered, it should be reported to the school nurse, who will advise parents of the most appropriate treatments. Arrangements will be made to check siblings and close contacts for lice infestation.

Student health services guidelines can be found on page 10 of the 2017 Elementary School Handbook.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Madison Health Office


Nominating committee to be elected at February PTA meeting

By the end of June, Rachel Bailey, Katie Morris, and Stephanie Brown will have served their terms as co-president, treasurer, and vice president of membership. We will be looking to fill these positions. If you're interested in helping to find people to serve in these roles, or if you're interested in learning about these roles, please contact Rachel Bailey,, or Lisa Thomas,

We need five people to be on the nominating committee, plus two alternates. Nominating committee members must have been a member of the PTA for at least 30 days by the time of the February 28 meeting.

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Help enhance education at your child's school

The Student Excellence Foundation has partnered with the Wheaton-Warrenville PTA Council in creating a Fund-a-Classroom, crowdfunding program, where educators can submit proposals for their classroom needs.

Madison Elementary has the following projects available for your contributions:

First grade is asking for iPads for each classroom:

You can support a specific classroom by donating online or mailing a check to:

Student Excellence Foundation P.O. Box 253 Wheaton, IL 60187

When mailing a check, please include the name of the project you are supporting so it will be correctly applied to that classroom.

Questions? Please contact Rachel Bailey (

Attend District 200 Parenting Seminars

Parents,​ ​Teens,​ ​Parties​ ​&​ ​the​ ​Law​ ​-​ ​Panel​ ​Discussion​ ​with​ ​State’s​ ​Attorney​ ​Bob​ ​Berlin, Dr.​ ​Michael​ ​Maniacci​ ​and​ ​Social​ ​Worker​ ​Marc​ ​Anderson

Thurs.,​ ​April​ ​12 at​ ​7:00​ ​p.m.​ ​at​ ​Wheaton​ ​Warrenville​ ​South​ ​High​ ​School,​ ​1920​ ​S.​ ​Wiesbrook​ ​Rd

Your child wants to attend or host a party where alcohol will be present. How do you handle this? What are the legal implications for children who drink underage? What are the legal implications for parents who host parties where alcohol is present? Parents will learn the strategies to have conversations with their children that focus on the potential outcomes of attending a party with alcohol present and also how to help their child decline invitations to parties.

Registration​ ​is​ ​free.​ Call or text Traci at (630) 270-9678 or email to indicate your choice of sessions. If you have questions about workshop content, contact Traci Burnham at (630) 784-7226.

General Mills Box Tops for Education Challenge

Please save General Mills Box Tops and send them to the LLC. Madison earns 10 cents for every General Mills Box top. Thank you to Mrs. Spires for heading up this effort. Last year we purchased many copies of the new Rebecca Caudill, Monarch, and Bluestem Award Book Nominees.

Save the dates

Click on the calendar on the Madison section of to view upcoming dates. See below for some highlights:

Feb. 28: PTA Meeting at noon

Mar. 2: No School

Mar. 26-April 2: Spring Break

May 25: Explore More Day

View the 2017-2018 school calendar here.