October 15 Update

The End of the Dissonance, Part 3 this Weekend

Babies - 2 Opens October 18 for 11:15 Worship ONLY

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The End of Relational Dissonance
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Church and Community Connections

Saturday, October 24 at 9 am we will host a special morning conference on reaching our community even in these difficult times.

Should I attend? YES. Whether you work in age-graded ministries or not does not matter for this conference. If we are going to reach Crowley and beyond we ALL must begin to see ourselves as working with families, students, children, and babies. We are ALL going to have to step up to the task.

9:00 Check-In and Connection Time

9:30 Main Session

11:00 Discussion time

11:30 Dismiss

Pre-Register today the same way you reserve your seat for worship.

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Bags and Boxes

It's that time of year when we seek to help others! There are 2 ways right now that we seek to show love.

House of Hope Bags have a shopping list in them to help you know what to purchase. The cost is around $20 for all the items. Get one. Fill it up. Bring it back to FBC before Nov 7. We will get them to Crowley House of Hope.

Christmas Shoeboxes are a wonderful and easy way to share Christ with a child around the globe. These have been a part of this season for several years. You can find help and lists online to give you ideas of what to pack in the box. Get a box. Fill it up and include the shipping fee. Bring it back to FBC before Nov 21.

We still have some at the church. Pick yours up this Sunday.

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Upward Sports Cancelled for 20-21 Season

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel it is in the best interest of everyone to cancel the season this year. Chaun wrestled with this decision for a while. However, the virus has not subsided and there are too many concerns to continue. May God bless you this season.
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Church Conference Sunday October 25 at 6pm

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Things You Want to Know

So many things were put on hold after March 15. COVID-19 has been such a difficulty for all of us as we figure out the next steps. We have watched as our state and our schools struggled with reopening. FBC is no different. We have struggled with each step as to what to do.


There are several things that have been opportunities. We have shifted the library and office. We are redoing floors where necessary. We have repainted the rooms in the Betty Horn building. And many other things.

Right now there are a variety of decisions to be made. We are putting a priority list together so that we can lead well and move forward as a unit. Many have asked about the schedule of reopening.

  1. Nursery during 11:15 WORSHIP for B-2 reopens OCTOBER 18. Families have discussed with us that they are ready and without concerns.
  2. Sunday School / Bible Classes are still on hold for now because of the HVAC renovation timeline. We are waiting on the loan so we can order the equipment. Our concern is that if we start classes too soon we would have to stop them again because of the renovation.
  3. The Betty Horn still needs flooring and we are working on it.
  4. Personnel has been looking over candidates for our worship position.
  5. 2021 Budget prep is underway.
  6. Nominating Committee meets Sunday to discuss committee makeup.

As we begin to put things into an order we hope to see it all done over the next few weeks.

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Vision 2025 - A Look Ahead

Much has been said about change and the church. COVID has forever marked 2020 as the year it all changed! Our reliance on the way it has been done holds no water now. In fact, with 2 grown-up generations, it hasn’t for a while now. As we look ahead to 2021 I want to remind you that the vision we all applauded in 2018 is still in play.

In 6 years, FBC will have flooded our region like a river overflowing it banks. We will have expanded into 2 services with plans for our new worship center. Our connections with the community have strengthened the schools and families. As such, we are a provider of options to our community. Our people are invested moving from the 10/90 rule to 50/70. Finally, our fully developed family ministry invests in parent equipping, family education, after school programs and mentoring to keep everyone spiritually engaged.

We recognized 4 main obstacles (mountains) we would need to climb in order to see this dream come true.

  1. Financial stability – through COVID you have shown yourselves to be faithful. As a result, we have stability today. Keep, or start, tithing so we can remain in this stable position.
  2. Move from consumers to contributors – this is still not achieved. COVID has isolated us too much. One thing to concentrate on in 2021 is seeing more people involved. A part of this climb will be that those in power relinquish some to train up the next generation and spread the base of impact and influence.
  3. Leadership development – this is the recipient of the former statement. As we open up to more people speaking into and serving with each other our organization will strengthen.
  4. Staffing for future – We are currently addressing the worship position need that we have. On the heels of this decision will be our childhood ministries. This position is pivotal to the growth and future stability of our church.

As you can see we have climbed 1 of the 4 mountains. These were 4 that we wanted to climb by 2025 in order to achieve God’s dreams for us. With prayer and humility, we must continue to forge ahead for Gospel and for the good of the city. Won’t you pray and serve with me?