British Displacement

Why might the aboriginal and British work together in war?

7 year war

The war was starting when the French started to take over British's trading posts and were destroying native villages that supported them .After the French had made Fort Duquesne then , the king of England agreed to an army.The army made their own Fort called Fort Necessity but the French captured it.The king declared war after that . After seven years of war they finally signed a treaty of Paris. This went on in Africa and India.

Why they worked together

The British and aboriginals worked together during war because British needed help from aboriginals to defend themselves during 7 year war . why aboriginal agreed was because they aboriginals also did not like French .

Pictures and discriptions.

How this relates to British displacement ?

How this relates to British displacement is because after France signed treaty to Paris the British received Upper and Lower Canada. Also because the the British got displaced from New England to Upper Canada.