Driver Safety for Teens

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Summary of Research

Being a safe driver can affect everyone! “ The crash rate for 16-17 year old drivers is nine times more likely than middle-aged drivers.” says, The website This means that when you are a teenager you have a better chance of getting in a car crash. But if you follow the laws they help you to be a safer driver. If there is a good chance of teenagers getting in a crash, then don’t you think they should drive safe so they don’t get in a car crash? quotes, “ In 2012, 60 percent of deaths among the vehicle occupants ages 16-19 were drivers.” The drivers need to be careful while they drive so they don't have a good chance of getting in car crashes. Parents need to be involved with the drivers. quotes, “ Teen drivers with involved parents are twice as likely to wear seat belts.” If teenage drivers wear seat belts this could help them not get as injured in car crashes. also states, “ In 2012, June and July had the highest number of teenage crash deaths of any other month.” During these months teenage drivers need to drive safe. Teenagers always need to drive safe! In conclusion, if teenagers drive safe we may not have as many car crashes each year which would be good to lower the statistics.

Positive Reinforcement

The positive affects for teenagers driving are that they can get themselves places and not need to have their parents drive them everywhere they go. Teenagers are responsible at the age they get their license but, they still need to be safe while they drive. You always wait for the day you get your driver's license. When you do get your license, drive safely so you won’t get in car crashes while you are young because it can affect your whole life.

Negative Reinforcement

Teenage Drivers are more likely to get into car crashes than any other age. I think teenagers need to drive more safe so we can solve this problem and reduce the number of car crashes. There are many teenagers who die every year from car crashes. Some of the car crashes are caused by talking on phones, speeding and much more. Teenagers should not be talking while driving or texting while driving. Teenagers need to keep their eyes on the roads. If they do so, they will have a better chance of not getting in a car crash.


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