The American System

Natalie Phipps

Basic Information:

Purpose- The American System was created to make a stronger role in Federal Government, it also helped keep the government stable and protected US industries, finances, and transportation.

Nationalism v. Sectionalism- Nationalism focuses of the entire country and thinks bigger in perspective to roles and Federal governments, while sectionalism focuses on a local region close to oneself

Key components- The American System in a "3 pronged" plan based upon national banking, tariffs, and creating a transportation infrastructure. The system helped to promote and protect American industry, support internal transportation improvements, and strengthen banking throughout the Country.

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All About Henry Clay

A Small Biography

Clay was a successful lawyer, politician, and orator who represented Kentucky in both the Senate and House of Representatives. He served three non-consecutive terms as Speaker of the House and was also Secretary of State in 1825. He lost a few presidential campaigns but that only pushed him. Clay was a very expressive War Hawk and helped lead America to war in 1812. Clay was the most profound additive to the American System and is most related to that success, he fought for the three branched system and made it happen. He was born in April of 1777 in Virginia, and died in June of 1852. Clay was only 75 when he died but lived a life full of work and pride.