Because we have the Right to Choose

Fist of all...


  • The power to choose is the idea that we are always going to have more than one product to choose from, making the competition between companies to promote and to encourage innovation and also to keep prices low. At the end people decide what to buy, monopolies are illegal.

Focusing in teenagers

Teenagers have to much to choose from...

  • What college should I go? (What actions?/what future?)
  • What clothes should I buy?
  • What food should I eat?
  • What kind of friends?

And all of these options, involves consumerism.

Everyone has to much to choose from, but a teenager have the power to choose a future more easily than a adult will.

1. What College?

A teenager have the right to choose at what college he/she should go. No one have the right to tell him/her at what college he needs to go. Even if a college choose involves people to find the right choice, at last (the teenager) decides their final option.

College choice involves...

  • Money $
  • Communication with parents
  • Scholarships (grades)
  • Major or minor
  • Classes
  • Comparing
  • Location
  • Environment
  • Time (4 yrs/ 2 yrs)

  • Being a good student to get scholarships or being a bad one to not is a choice that has power for the future.

  • Some teenagers decide to not go to college, for vary of reasons.

2. What Clothes?

Teenager decide what to buy for themselves, including clothes. Some don´t decide anything, because they don´t care what clothes his/her mom buys to them, but there are some teenagers that cares a lot about impressions, even if some of them do not have a lot of money, they will have the best trends in their closet.

Clothes choice involves...

  • Money $
  • Thinking ( your point of view)
  • Judging
  • Friends

There are lots of articles that talks about how a teenager should be dress, that is why many teenager know of days are struggling to fit in.

3. What Food?

Teenagers have different options about food, they decide in lunch, at home and in restaurants. Some of them prefer healthy food, some of them do not, at the end they decide what to eat, or if they eat or not.

Food choice, involves...

  • Money $
  • Health (metabolism/proteins)
  • Sickness (Diabetes/colds)
  • Location
  • Time
  • Goals

Many websites are created to help people to eat the right thing for them, based in calories, sugars, etc. But some teenagers do not care about this factors.

4. What Friends?

Teenagers decide how to spend time with their friends, some decide to go out to watch a movie, to go bowling, to go ice skate, to go shopping etc. But some of them decide to do sometime simple like relaxing at home or go for a walk.

Friends choice involves...

  • Money $
  • Type of friends
  • Time
  • Location
  • Point of view of each

In conclusion, Even if teenagers decide what to buy or what to do with there money, there are a lot of factors that explains why they don't choose the other option.

All of their choices involve consumerism (money and time)