Why you should vote for Fossil Fuel

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What social impact does fossil fuels have on the United States

Fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, and natural gas give the United states 86% of its energy and power. Most everything we do in our daily lives depends on fossil fuels because 86% of the United States energy consumption is coal, petroleum, and natual gas, which is used to make elctricity for everyday purposes.

Fossil fuels also have an impact on our means of transportation aswell. Over 70% of all transportation vehicles run on petroleum or natural gas. The other 30% of transportation vehicles that run electrically, get 86% of there electricity from fossil fuels, 41% percent of that being coal.

Envoirnmental impacts of fossil fuels

When the stomata in plant cells collect carbon dioxide, or C02, the plant takes that carbon dioxide and creates nutrience through a process called photosynthesis. This is why when you burn fossil fuels, carbon dioxide gets released and then fertilizes the plants. C02 is also the most common and abundant form of green house gas, therefor making the world warmer. With out green house gas alot of many plants and animals couldnt survive.

Economic impact fossil fuels have on the united states

Fossil fuels are the main forms of energy that power our lifestyles and drive the economy. Petroleum, natural gas, and coal provide lights, air conditioning, heat for houses, fuel for transportation, and energy that powers all kinds of production. The nations economy and much of its infrastructer revolves around fossil fuels, and thet all have important reasons.

The United States three main fossil fuels are oil, natural gas, and coal. The main benfit of these fossil fuels is that they're relatively inexpensive. The low cost also means lower production cost for the factories and businesses. Low prices of inputs, such as energy, help keep retail prices down for cunsumers.