Online Safety

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Introduction to online safety

You leave a trail of cookies and history each time you visit a website. At some point in your life you may hear of a dossier. Your digital trail is your dossier. Everything you do online can be traced back to you so be careful. if you want more information watch this video:

Whats going on, online

There is many websites and apps for social media. These websites and apps can show your personal information. So be careful not to give out personal information to people you don't know including full name, login information, birthdate and personal information. Here is a site that can help with creating a secure password:

Some sites you might find your information compromised

What Can You do to Stay Safe

Staying safe is simple with some of these steps.
- Try not to stir up people.
- Don't threaten people over social media.
- Don't give out log in information (i.e) Email address or Passwords.


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