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Environmental Justice begets Social Justice.

What does going green mean for the "ghetto"?

and other questions around Urban Sustainability & Neighborhood Revitalization in Albany.




Non-formal Education.

Service-Learning Certification.

an Outdoor Nation OWN-IT Summit.

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Now accepting 25 applicants for an Urban Sustainability Summit. (Application Below)

Saturday, Dec. 21st 2013 at 8:30am to Sunday, Dec. 22nd 2013 at 6pm

153 Grand St

Albany, NY

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Hosted Locally By:

a Renaissance Circle is a group of youth, elders, educators, parents, social workers and students committed to increasing opportunities for non-formal education, artistic expression & outdoor play. We believe that social justice includes the ability for all of the Albany to have access to green space.

The Radix Center works to promote ecological literacy and environmental stewardship through educational programs. Motivated by the fact that good environmental stewardship is rewarded by better health, wholesome food, and strong communities, the Radix Center teaches practical skills that can be applied to create environmental and economic sustainability.

Operating from Albany, NY both organizations are grounded in a commitment to social and environmental justice for communities that have been disregarded and underserved for far too long.

Environmental Justice = Social Justice

Check out some of the topics we will be discussing and start thinking about how you can be involved.

The Radix Sustainability Center
About Outdoor Nation. A national movement.

Learn more about Outdoor Nation and their call to action through OWN-IT Summits with 16-28 year olds throughout the country.

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