Rise of industrialization

Ben Ries

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Who:Single business's around the country were part of a monopoly.

What:A monopoly is when a business completely controls a product then sells that product for a lot more money.

When:Monopolies were a very big problem in the country from the beginning of industrialization to the end of the 1800's.

Where:Monopolies were all over the United States.

Why:Business's were part of monopolies because then they would make piles of money selling a rare product at a higher price.

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Thomas Alva Edison

Who:Thomas Edison

What:Thomas Alva Edison was a great inventor of his time.

When:Thomas was born February 11,1847 he died in October 18,1931.

Where:Tom was born in Milan, Ohio.

Why:Tom invented more than 1,000 things in his lifetime, most important being electric light bulb and phonograph.

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Haymarket riot

Who:1,000 to 2,000 demonstrators took place in the riot.

What:Haymarket square.

When:May 4,1886

Where:It was in Chicago Illinois

Why:Workers wanted shorter hours.

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Union Pacific

Who:James R Young founded the Union Pacific railroad.

What:Union Pacific is a railroad company.

When:The Union Pacific railroad was founded in 1862.

Where:Union pacifics headquarters are in Omaha,Nebraska.

Why:Union pacific was formed for easy transportation across the country.

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