Why did the Guptan Empire Fall?

Sarah-Kate Lookabaugh

Peace made the military weak

After decades of peace, the Guptan military lost power and became weak. When they were invaded by the Huns around 480, the empire's resistance proved ineffective. The invaders swiftly conquered the territory because the military didn't defend it's people since they had nothing to worry about before because of the peaceful eras. The invasions caught them by surprise and they didn't know what to do.

The Huns started attacking important Guptan leaders around 480

The Huns started killing off military, political and religious officials one by one. With out these leaders, the empire was in chaos.

As time progressed, the Huns successfully killed off the Guptan people & took over their empire.

Only a very small portion of a kingdom was left of what had been a grand dynasty.

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