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Martha B. Day Weekly Update 2/13/2021


We will be distributing Chromebooks to all kindergarten through 4th-grade students at Samuel R. Donald School on:

Tues., Feb. 16 from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Wed., Feb. 17 from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Thurs, Feb. 18 from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Fri., Feb. 19 from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Parents you MUST acknowledge the Student Handbook and the Acceptable Use Form in Realtime on the Parent Portal before a device can be distributed to your child. If you have a district device that MUST also be returned when you pick up your Chromebook. Please see the information below or the email with the clickable links.

Report Cards and i-Ready

2nd Marking Period Report Cards are viewable in the Realtime Parent Portal under "Grades".

i-Ready mid-year benchmarking progress reports will be mailed out on or around Feb. 16th.

100th Day of School is Approaching - February 18th

We will be collecting 100 items to donate to the Bloomingdale Animal Shelter. Please see the flyer below with all items that can be donated. Your child may bring them to school or you can drop off the items in the Animal Shelter collection box outside the front door.

IMPORTANT Valentine's Day Information

Cohort A in-person Valentine Party - Tuesday, Feb. 16

please see the document below for more detailed information

Check out our MBD "Buzz"y Bees

MBD Spring School Pictures

MBD Spring Pictures will take place in April.

April 16th - Cohort B in school

April 16th - Cohort C (100% remote students) 12:15-2:00

April 23rd - Cohort A in school

More information to come......

The Upcoming Buzz

February 12 (Friday): School Closed. Mid-winter break

February 15 (Monday): School Closed. Mid-winter break

February 16 (Tuesday): Cohort A attends school for the week

February 22 (Monday): Cohort B attends school for the week

MBD Specials

PreK and Kindergarten:

Monday: ART - live

Tuesday: PE - live

Wednesday: Computers - pre-recorded

Thursday: Spanish K ONLY - pre-recorded

Friday: Music - live

First Grade:

Monday: PE - live

Tuesday: Computers - pre-recorded

Wednesday: Spanish - pre-recorded

Thursday: Music - live

Friday: Art - live

Parking Lot Safety !

To keep our little bees safe at all times please follow the rules below for dropping your child off:

-Only cross the road at the Crosswalk

-Do not let your child walk in the parking lot without holding an adult's hand. The snow piles are higher than some of the students and we want to be sure they are seen.

Thank you

"Bee" Mindful in Remote Learning with Ms. Faliveno

For the month of February MBD wanted to let staff know what we love about them. Each staff member had to write about how a colleague is loved at MBD.

Little Valentines

When you have 54 Valentine's Days under your belt, you become a little less interested in the chocolates, roses, and cards. The romance begins to erode as busy schedules and freeway back ups take their toll. I am convinced that a powerful antidote for the "been there, done that" flu is young children. Here are three ways to let your little ones spark your love on Valentine's Day.

Inspired Ways to Celebrate

The Valentine's Day cards and little candy hearts are a staple of Valentine's Day. But....even children get bored with the same old patterns. Parents can spice up Valentine's Day with a simple solution: Creativity. In our house, we make our own Valentine's Day cards with glitter pens, stickers, and construction paper. But, painting the windows is much more fun! Our children decorated an entire room of windows with Crayola Window Mega Markers. Our house became a giant Valentine's Day box. Every parent can fall into the yearly rut of any holiday, but it's more fun to live in a Valentine's Day box.

Looking through Kids' Eyes

To keep a fresh perspective on Valentine's Day, try seeing things through your children's eyes. While we celebrate the same holidays, year after year, a five year old sees things much differently. In their mind, Valentine's Day is a wonderful and fresh experience. Children find candy hearts and foil-wrapped boxes curious and new. To rejoin the celebration of Valentine's Day, consider how revolutionary ideas are, like heart-shaped candy, to young ones.

Valentine's Day Dinner

Parents usually find childcare and go out for Valentine's Day. We need those times, to keep the batteries charged. But we sometimes forget; our young children have two Valentines to celebrate with: mom and dad. We can find the joy of Valentine's Day anew if we treat our little Valentines to a special dinner too. The food will be different, like heart-shaped pancakes or pink cupcakes. The idea is to ask your Valentines what they want for dinner, and don't roll your eyes. Go with it, and have fun.

A Final Word from an Older Dad

Older parents can forget the newness of each holiday when experienced by a child. We can keep ourselves rejuvenated when we are infected by a child's spirit. When we catch the "bug" of a child's Valentine's Day excitement, we recover from the hum-drum, "been there, done that" flu. It might just re-spark romance with your spouse, too.

-Kevin D. Arnold Ph.D., ABPP

Parental Information on Learning Options, Child Care, and Food Services

The Hive's Health Hints

You MUST complete the Daily Health Questionnaire each day your child is IN-PERSON FOR SCHOOL.

To report an absence please call (973) 838-1311 press 1

or email kbarile@bloomingdaleschools.org

Martha B. Day Elementary School

Martha B. Day Elementary School is a school that embraces excellence for all its students. This 130+ student school houses grades Pre-K to grade one. Everyone in our school is a part of this community of learners. We recognize and honor our students' cultural diversity as well as their individual talents and abilities.