Sharp Shooter Imaging

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About us.

We are Sharpshooter Imaging! Our employees travel around the world to take professional photographs for people who call us, or to do some photo shoots. We need employees for Sales Photographers. Contact us now!

We are Sharpshooting Imaging!

We have multiple locations. We take pictures for skiing trips, attractions, and games/events.

Our Amazing Pictures!

Sales Photographer

In this job, you work at the San Diego Zoo, taking photos of multiple families. You will learn to take great photos, and you will travel to many places all around the world.

Job Requirements/Duties.

This job requires you to have:

  • Background checks.
  • Able to work evenings, holidays, and weekends.
  • Able to work for long periods of time standing, and walking.
The job duties are:

  • Taking photos of families at San Diego Zoo.
  • Being friendly towards other people
  • Working flexible hours..