Leonardo Da Vinci

By Lauren

"The knowledge of all things is possible"

I am a learning baby

I was born near the town of Vinci in Tuscany,Italy on April 15 1452 .When I was a baby a kite(a type of bird) flew down, opened my mouth with its tail and then struck me.The towns people came running but I wasn't scared I was laughing!

The many things I did...

I had many ideas.One of them was from the Kite I saw when I was a baby.I wanted to learn how birds fly,the human body and many other things.In order to do that I had to take apart bodies of birds,humans and lions but that wasn't all. I dissected so many things and wrote it all down in my notebooks.The funny thing is that I wanted to keep it secret so I wrote backwards.

My own wonderful Paintings

I painted The Mona Lisa,The Last Supper,A portrait of myself,Babtism of Christ,St.Jerome,Ginevra de'Benci,La Madonna Benois,The Adoration of the Magi and so many more paintings.I painted Virgin of the Rocks twice.

My Creations

I made a bicycle,a clock,some flippers for the hands,statues of all sorts,a big statue of a horse which got destroyed,a very scary shield that breaths fire and a thing that is like a crane and of course I created way more than this.

My discoveries

I discovered how we see,how we move and all about the body.I figured out that the earth revolved around the sun.I worked out everything that is to be worked out.I did every thing.I was called a renaissance man.The man who did everything.

How to fly

I wanted to fly like a bird so I set about trying to think of a way to make wings. I can't really remember if I did fly or not.I remember drawing a diagram of some wings but I can't remember anything other than that.

My last years

When I was very old I moved to France to stay near my friend, king Francis l.
Most of my projects were unfinished and I wished I could of finished them but I didn't. I died after suffering a partial paralysis on May 2 1519.I was 67.