Jessica Arrollo

Biology 1 Honors

A Look Inside My Life

My name is Jessica. I was born and live right here in Joliet. I am a proud latina girls. I'm in Symphonic Band and I really enjoy being part of an amazing band. I have 2 siblings , my older brother David. Right now he's an MSU graduate, who now started working at Northwestern University in the laboratories. I also have my little sister Rosemary and she's barely a fifth grader.

All my family plays at least an instrument or more. It's awesome to me.

Most Memorable Recent Event

This memorable moment is actually something that my family and I won't ever forget. This took place in August 5, 2010. The time where my Aunt and her daughter (my cousin) got killed in a car accident by a truck driver who didn't know where it was going. It was a horrifying experience for all my family whole lived here in the U.S. & those who were in Mexico. About a few weeks ago, it has been 5 years since this accident.


Color - Pink

Sport - Volleyball & Softball

Movie - Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Pet - Siberian Husky

Food - Pozole