Executive branch

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Vice President

  • The line of presidential succession is: Vice president of U.S., Speaker of the House, President pro tempore of the senate, Secretary of state, Secretary of the treasury, Secretary of defense

  • The vice president is the president of the senate, ceremonial assistent of the president, and plays a big role in the president's administration

  • The vice president’s role changed dramatically, the vice president used to not be very important and now the vice president has many important responsibilities.

Departments and Councils

  • John Kerry, Ashton B. Cater, Loretta Lynch, Sally Jewell, Tom J. Vilsack are all leaders of the president’s cabinet

  • Purpose of cabinet is to govern major areas of federal interest

  • National Security Council is the president’s main forum for considering national security.

  • The National security council consist of the vice president, secretary of state, secretary of defense, National security advisor, and secretary of treasury.

  • The office of management and budget maintains the president's budget

  • Duties of chief of staff is the highest ranked employee of the White House.
  • Press secretary is a senior white house official who acts as a spokesman for the U.S. government administration.
  • White house staff members maintain the well-being of the White House, keep it clean and well-stocked.

Agencies and commissions

  • The federal Bureaucracy is made up of about 500 departments, authorities, agencies, and commissions that have responsibilities assigned to them by congressional legislation.

  • Examples of Agencies within the Cabinet Departments: FBI, DEA, US Marshalls, IRS, Coast Guardes, Marine, Navy, and Army

  • Examples of Independent Agencies: USGS, NASA, Peace Corps, U.S. postal service, USA Freedom Corps, and US Central Intelligence Agency.

  • Examples of Regulatory Commissions: Federal communications commission, US Maritime service, Department of energy, and Federal Energy Regulatory commission.