What does this mean

This can mean radio hosts, newreader, reporter etc.,

Job description

Prepare and deliver news, sports, and/or weather reports, gathering and rewriting material so that it will convey required information and fit specific time slots.

2) Read news flashes to inform audiences of important events.

3) Identify stations, and introduce or close shows, using memorized or read scripts, and/or ad-libs.

4) Select program content, in conjunction with producers and assistants, based on factors such as program specialties, audience tastes, or requests from the public.

5) Study background information in order to prepare for programs or interviews.

6) Comment on music and other matters, such as weather or traffic conditions.

Qualifications and educational requirements

1) For university you need a

Bachelor of Media- To be a news reporter or work in magazines and radio, anything that encompasses the entertainment or media sector.

I’ve included a law component as a buffer, so I could be a lawyer for media corporations, where things like defamation and copyright come into play.

Bachelor of Media and Bachelor of Law

ATAR cut-offs

Macquarie- 96.2

UTS- 97.2

Sydney- 99.7

NSW- 99.65

UWS- 90.4


Certificate III in Media

Certificate IV in screen and Media

Private Institutes

Diploma of Journalism

Diploma of Screen and Media

How will you pay

get a government loan and pay back when working


good communicatior, research skills, be knowlegeable on your topic, learn how to operate a switchboard, good speaker

type of employment

i can either do the afternoon drive, evening, morning, night time, saturday which would be full time as i am doing the full hours of my allocated section


starting salary $28 000 and $64 000 but then again kyle sandilands earns more than the prime minister at $700 000 a year.

What interests me?

There's something different, i get to talk, raise my opinions, meet new people, learn new things. Being in that area also opens up opportunities for other jobs in the media and entertainment area.