World Leadership School

Pre-Program Materials

We are thrilled to be working with you on a service and leadership program. This email contains very important information for parents, students and faculty. Don't hesitate to be in touch with any questions.

Below you will find a list of items that need to be sent to students/parents:

  • Applications and Program Medical Form. Parents should be sent the school code to start the online application. The online application, program medical form and physician signature form must be completed in order to go on the program. If you have any questions, please contact WLS at
  • Prepare to Go. Please send our Prepare to Go document to all students and parents. This includes critical information for parents about vaccinations, packing list, etc. As a reminder, we ask that students:
    • Leave behind cell phones and any kind of electronic devices (except for a camera) in the spirit of an "unplugged" experience;
    • Dress conservatively and not wear short shorts (board shorts or long basketball shorts only) tank tops and tight yoga pants; this is out of respect for local cultural sensitivities;
    • Remember to wear long pants and closed-toed shoes when outside the hotel, which greatly reduces the incidence of insect and other bites, sunburn and cuts to the feet.
    • Closed toed shoes should be worn at all times at night!
  • Permission to Travel. We would like all students under 18 years old to travel with a Travel Authorization Letter. This letter must be notarized with a parents signature and should be turned into the faculty traveling with the students.
  • Fundraising. Our Fundraising 101 packet that will help the students and faculty come up with creative fundraising ideas, which range from a faculty-student basketball tournament to letter-writing campaigns. Our ability to organize a successful service project depends on the students’ donations. We believe fundraising also helps students feel personally invested in the service project. We therefore ask that each student raise a minimum of $250 for Latin American programs and $400 for African, Middle Eastern and Asian programs. We are thrilled when students raise more money but we need each student to meet the minimum donation. All donations go directly to the community service project, and are essential to the impact we have on our partner communities. Donation checks should be made to the World Leadership Foundation and are due to the Denver office one month before departure.

Below is information for faculty attending a WLS program:

  • Teachers Welcome Packet. Here is some general information on how to run a WLS program.
  • Trip Inquiry Form. Please fill out our Trip Inquiry Form. It will help us understand your goals and desired outcomes for the program. Please take the time to fill this out and return it to me.
  • School Contract. Please review your Trip Contract and have a school representative sign it. As part of the contract, here is our declaration page of our international liability policy, and I ask that you send the same information to us. If your school does not have international liability insurance, we can help you get this critical coverage.
  • Pre-Trip Curriculum. WE HAVE UPDATED OUR PRE-TRIP CURRICULUM!! Please take the time to review our new Pre-Trip Curriculum. We know that schools have more successful programs when they facilitate our pre-trip curriculum with students before traveling. The pre-trip curriculum includes readings, films, and other resources that encourage reflection and provide a solid orientation to the country and its culture. Most importantly, the pre-trip curriculum begins the two main learning tracks (global issues and leadership) that students will continue once overseas. We have Pre-Trip Curriculum for Middle Schools and Pre-trip Curriculum for High Schools. Once you have reviewed the pre-trip curriculum , please email us with a plan on how you will present this information to your students. It’s helpful that we and the instructors know when your meetings will take place and what sections of the pre-trip curriculum, if any, you do not plan on covering. We are eager to hear feedback on the new curriculum.
  • Conference Call. I would like to schedule a Skype Video conference call with the faculty going on the trip to review pre-trip orientation, fundraising, itinerary, service project description, staffing, etc., and answer any questions you have. Please let me know when a good time would be! The call will last approximately 45 minutes.

Thank You. Please let me know if you have any questions on any of this information. We will be sending another email one month before departure that will contain the last minute details for your program including a final itinerary, blog information, emergency contact information, etc. I look forward to being in touch as we move ahead. Thank you!