Earthquake Story

Sierra Madre Earthquake through the eyes of Angela Buchanan

The date was June 28th 1991, Angela Buchanan was a financial analyst for Target. She began her day by waking up at five fifty AM in the morning. After Getting dressed she goes down to get breakfast. She then notices something strange, her betta fish was laying on its back. She thinks it was trying to shield itself from the tiny pre earthquake vibrations. It almost looked dead. V

The time is now six forty AM. Angela begins her drive to the target she would be working at for the day. She recalls something not feeling right on the drive. She could feel little tiny vibrations. Her and four other co-workers were skimming through each Isle an hour before the store opened. Now it really didn’t feel right. Suddenly something happened, it was an earthquake.

Angela recalled seeing the floor moving like an ocean. It was charging at her and her co-workers like a wave crashing to the shore. As it moved it knocked over everything in its path. Isle’s were falling and crushing people. Angela, now shaken up with fear crouched down on the floor and covered her head. She said the ground was shaking so bad you

couldn’t move. She saw the people around her getting crushed by falling objects.

The ground shook for about three minutes, she got up to help people. Two of her co-workers had broken their legs. She quickly called 911, the ambulance arrived shortly. She was then checked out by the doctors to make sure she had not suffered any major head injuries. After that she was later told worked was cancelled for the day. She turned on the radio and then found out she was part of a 5.6 earthquake known as the Sierra Madre Earthquake.

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