Library Lowdown

December 2013

What is happening in the library

Book Fair was a GREAT success and the library will get new books to share with the kids. Scholastic also has other great things that will help make the Library the best it can be!

Thank you to everybody who helped make our first pumpkin storybook event such a great one. We had over 50 and I bet next year it will be even more.

Holiday in the Library

We are getting ready to celebrate holidays in the library this month.

Kindergarten will be hearing more about Marley's adventures especially when his family is decorating their tree. They love Marley and the mischief he has gotten into at school and on Halloween. Some of the the vocabulary words from Marly will be, evergreen, stampede, serpent, toboggan and kettle drum. Now I bet you are wondering how these words fit into a story about a crazy Lab puppy!

First Grade will hear another story about the Old Lady and this time she swallows a bell. I don't why she swallowed a bell! As a matter of fact I don't know why she swallowed all the silly things she did over the years!

Second grade will be writing their own version of the 12 days of Christmas. They are going to come up with their own holiday or event and 12 things that are about that holiday or event.

If you are interested in the books we will be reading you can see them below.

Rumor has it that the "Scout Elves" otherwise knows as the Elf on the Shelf, are leaving the north pole soon to join their families. I wonder if the Donald library has an Elf?

Cozy Corners

We have LOVED seeing the student use their imagination in the library. Retelling stories and sensory tubs are just a couple of ways your kids are learning. Using the whisper phones to read books is a favorite. We are really going to work on picking books that are "just right for us."

Sensory Tubs

Sensory play is a great way for kids to have hands-on and self-directed play that encourages them to develop find and gross motor skills, creativity, social development and cognitive development. The older students have even been making suggestions of sensory tubs that we can make. It is amazing to see kids 5-10 all enjoy them.