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Friday, September 11, 2015

In class...

*MATH: We took a pre-test for the quarter 1 goals. These included adding, using number bonds, pictures, and number sentences to solve word problems, counting on in a sequence and finding the missing addend. We also worked on making 10 twelve different ways - see the photo below to practice and use as a reference at home!
*READING: This week was very short, so we practiced reading silently for short spurts to build stamina. Next week we will try and start on those Daily 5 stations to practice.

Next week our word wall words are: a, and, you, is, to
*WRITING: We finished our last few students to add to our word wall this week. Next week we are working to find/add the correct punctuation to the end of our sentences, as well as making sure there is a capital at the start.
*TECHNOLOGY: This week we used our timer app to keep track of how long it took us to create our design projects. Additionally, we used our Slo-pro Camera to video our bubble blowing - so cool to see it in action!
*CHARACTER: Self-Discipline!! We are continuing to talk about this Pirate Principle, including creating GOOD habits using self-discipline. Students have worked on making individual commitments in class.

This week we also had a guest speaker, Mrs. Shannon Grine from Grace, to teach us about the parts of our brain and how to make sure we are using it to make super smart decisions!

Math - today we worked on making 10s using the rainbow sheet below


MUSIC - Monday and Thursday

P.E. - Tuesday and Friday

ART - Wednesday

Don't forget to wear sneakers to school!!


We continued working on the design process this week. We finished creating our bubble wands. During this process, we built and tested our models. After we did that, we explored the final step in the process, which was explaining. Students were able to reflect on their creations and decide if their design was successful, how to make it work, or how to make it better. This is where their little brains E X P A N D.


WATCH D.O.G. S (Dads of Great Students) is a wonderful program to get male figures involved in our schools. PLEASE consider attending the meeting for more information, even if it means you can only volunteer a few times. The information meeting will be held at the Hillcrest STEAM Academy on the evening of September 29th.


Monday, September 14 - 9:30 a.m. first Spirit Assembly

Wednesday, September 16 - 1st Grade Tech. Information Night

Friday, September 18 - BOOK ORDERS DUE

Thursday, September 24 - PICTURE DAY!!

Tuesday, September 29 - 5:30 p.m. WATCHDOGS meeting