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Sugar creek-Independence, Missouri

How it Happened (Past)

July 1999 Missouri department of natural resources collected surface water and sediment from around sugar creek. They found a trace of Benzo A Pyrene which causes cancer. We believe that this is how cancer patients increased. Children got cancer easier than the adults. This is because the children are closer to the ground because they are shorter and the chemicals that are on the grounds surface rise up and the children breathe them in. So the chemical Benzo A Pyrene causes cancer and the children breathe it in so they get cancer easier.

What We Plan on Doing

To stop Benzo A Pyrene people need to stop smoking tobacco products around the area and people need to start using cleaner air so that the chemicals do not get into the water and ground so that then Benzo A Pyrene does not get into the air, water and ground and people don't get cancer like it did in Sugar Creek.

Present Time

Today, Sugar Creek Independence, Missouri is still processing and taking test to show if the toxic substances are in the surface water and the ground. The are also checking if Benzo A Pyrene is still in the ground and/or getting people sick with cancer.

Where we find Benzo A Pyrene

We can find Benzo a Pyrene by wildfires, coke ovens, wood stoves, burning scrap tires, on road vehicles, industrial boilers. We can also find the chemicals from smoking tobacco, inhaling fumes from working with coal tar and asphalt, eating meats and fish that have been smoked or charbroiled.

Sugar creek-Independence, Missouri Time Travel

Friday, Dec. 19th, 9pm

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By Sara Sylvester and Riley DeWitt