Paul You, Sungchan Na, David Kim


Rohmantiq is located in between France and Spain, where we have access to the coast, while still having access to the center of Europe, where most of the trade occurs.
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Type of Government/Government System

The government system will be a 1 party state, where a single political party will govern our country, but will still distribute power equally throughout all regions. A representative system will still be used, but only for our one political party, to decide who to appoint to govern our country by the people’s opinion.

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Economic System

We will have a Mixed economy, where the governments puts certain restrictions on business, such as restricting monopolies. Trading, and business will be free to the businesses’ choice as long as they abide within our set boundaries and rules. You may grow, trade, and sell as much as you want, as long as all business is within our laws. We will not interfere with production and release/sales decisions.

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What's Great about ROHMANTIQ

Rohmantiq is a wealthy and prosperous country. Rohmantiq is the world's leading economy, where most of the world's trade happens. The living standards, or the citizen's quality of living is one of the highest in the world. Even though we are a one party state, we still allow the people to represent themselves by voting who they want as head of that one representative party. Other than that, Rohmantiq has beautiful architecture, and many public attractions, which allowed it to become the number one desired honeymoon location for many couples. It also has great transportation such as public buses, taxi cabs, and boats.

Real Estate and More In Rhomantiq

Since it covers an are of 675,000 square kilometers, we prime real estate areas in our country is still growing, so city homes are lower priced and growing in value by the day, as our own economy grows, and more major businesses are increasing in our major cities. Business locations near the beaches, and mid-city areas are open for new business branches and more everyday!

Development and Education

We boast a high school graduation rate of 93% and a college graduate rate of 96%, and some of the highest test scores in the world. Only the top graduates may go into the education industry, so only the best will teach our new generations as well. Crimes rates are at an all time low all around of country, with only have the crimes of other MDC's such as the U.S, Canada, and Italy. Our GDP per capita is also meeting record, with new leading industries such as computer science, and chemical engineering.
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