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Save the date!

A friendly reminder that Thursday, April 21 is Thriving Thursday in the library. Jessica Smedley and I planned a day around issues pertaining to physical, emotional and social well being. We will set up stations around the room ranging from access to online resources, TED talks, book displays, herbal tea and yoga. Please consider bringing your class (email me to reserve a spot) or at least share with your students. We will be open to lunch and study hall students all day.

Are you listening?

A recent blog post by the self-proclaimed PE Geek lists 5 great podcasts for educators, and specifically for physical education teachers. While you're there, check out some of the older blog posts for inspiration, news and creative ideas.

Great books

Whether you are looking for your next title to display on your Reading sign, want to recommend a book to a student, or need to connect a print resource with an assignment, there are many great options in our library. Below are just three selections, with special focus on physical fitness.

Quality research

As you start your 4th marking period planning, remember that I am here as a resource to you. Whether you want to collaborate on a unit, or are just looking for recommended resources or are somewhere in the middle, please stop by or email me. Teen Health and Wellness is a great subscription database that could be used in an assignment, for your planning or as a personal recommendation for a student. Check it out if you haven't seen it. User names and passwords are under subscription databases on my wiki page:, or under the Library tab on the HHS home page.

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