There's a boy in the girls bathroom

by Louis Sacher Project by Breanna Jada Gadson

Things to know about Bradley Chalkers

What I know about Bradley Chalkers

:He has been in the 5th grade twice, Nobody likes him, He makes fights with girls, He lies to his mother, I also know he plays with stuffed animals.

The Character's problem

What I know about the character's

Bradley Chalkers problem is that Bradley is a very bad boy at home and at school what he does to be bad is lie, bully people, he acts mean, and he is also rude.

There's a boy in a girls bathroom

How the character solve the problem?

How Bradley Chalkers solves his problem is by going to see the school counselor, Carla. She thinks Bradley is sensitive and generous and she enjoys his farfetched stories. Carla know Bradley can change if only he was not afraid to try.

Character traits with evidence

Character traits that describe Bradley Chalkers at the beginning

bossy: Bradley is bossy because he tell people what to do.

liar: Bradley is a liar because he got a black eye that colleen gave him and he blames his best friend his only friend Jeff.

bully: Bradley is a bully because Bradley told Jeff to give him a dollar or he would spit on him.

Character trait with evidence

Character traits that describe Bradley in the middle of the book

excited: Bradley gets excited because Carla said if he did it he would get a gold star like other kids.

worried: Bradley got worried after he finished his homework because he thought something terrible would happen.

scared: Bradley was scared to give his homework to Mrs.Ebel so he ripped it up and put it in the trash can.

happy: Bradley felt happy after he ripped up his homework

character traits with evidence

character traits that describe Bradley at the end

excited: Bradley gets excited because he got invited to colleens birthday party.

strange: Bradley starts acting really strange on the day of colleens birthday party because he has not been to one in three years

sorry: Bradley starts feeling sorry he did not help Carla when she was moving away to another school.

surprised: Bradley felt surprised after winning the competition he never imaged he would win.