politics & goverment in the 2000's

By: Lilian Hult


there where two presadints during the 2000's thay where gorge walker bush and brock obama presadint gorge w bush was born on july 6 1946 his nickname was dubya he was a part of the republican party and he was the 43 he served two turms presadint brock obama was the 44 presadint he was part of the demacratic party brock obama was the first afracan amarcan to be alectied presadintnhe beat the alection over john maclain and was realected in 2012

wars during the 2000's

during the 2000's thair where only teo wars thay where the afganastain war and the iraq war.

the afganastian war started in 2001 and is still going on today. in resolt of 9 11 united stats demanded afganastain to hand over all the leaders of the qaeda's but thay refused so the united states and other countreys in vated afanastain

the iraq war started in 2003 and ended in the iraq war hapend when the united states invaded iraq and removed them from power The invasion was launched because the Bush administration claimed Saddam was threatening to use “weapons of mass destruction” against the United States

amendments and laws passed during the 2000's decade

thair where meny laws and acts passeed during the 2000's hear are some of them

hmog vetrens natrailazachion act (2000)

bring them home alive act (2000)

the life act (2000)

the victoms of traficking and villence protection act


intellagince reform and tarresiom prevenchion act (2004)

real id act (2005)

saccure fence act (2006)

the relif and helth care act (2006)

the dream act (2010)