Six Traits of Writing

Proper Punctuation

Six Traits of Writing

The six traits of writing are very important for a young writer, as well as an experienced writer. The first trait is, voice. It is important for the paragraph to have to distinguished voice of the writer. The next trait is, sentence fluency. The writing needs to flow so it is easy for the reader to read. The third trait is, conventions. The paper needs to have proper conventions to help with all the six traits. If there is proper conventions the paper will flow much more smoothly.

Six traits of writing (continued)

The fourth trait is, ideas. The piece of writing needs to have good ideas for the writing to be easy to write about and have good details. The fifth trait is, organization. The paper needs to be organized in the proper order so the paper will make sense. The final trait is, word choice. Word choice is need because it helps provide the proper details needed in the paper to make it more clear to the reader.


Punctuation is one the most important things needed in English writing. Yet, it is still one of the most under used techniques in English writing. Punctuation is need in writing to show emotion to the reader. Without punctuation, writing would be dull and boring for the reader to read.