The Skillful Huntsman


A young man trains to be a locksmith and he tell his father that he's ready to go off by himself. So his father gives him some money and sends him on his way. He soon finds that he doesn't like being locksmith. He runs into this huntsman and ask him if he would show him how to hunt. The huntsman says yes and teaches him how to hunt. He thinks he's ready to go off by himself so the huntsman gives him a BB gun and sends him on his way. The young man runs into three giants and they want him to help them kidnap the princess. So he agrees to help them. Long story short he kills the three giants and cuts out there tongues. The king wants to know how killed the giants because he wants whoever did to marry his daughter. The kings captain says he did but the princess refuses to marry him so he builds a hut and forces her to cook for people without pay. Anyways the young man hears about this and goes there. And in the end he marries the princess and the captain is killed for lying to the king. And the king dies and he get the whole kingdom.


Sometimes things change and better things happen to you in the end. Like in the story he originally was going to be a locksmith but soon changes his profession to a hunter. And if you wouldn't of became a hunter then he never would have married the princess or got the kingdom.



Takes place in a forest were the young man runs into the giants. Then in a kingdom were he meets and marries the princess.