Child Safety

Hot Objects

Some examples of hot objects your child could get ahold of are: Coffee, Candles, and Scentsy pots. If your child was to get ahold of any of these, they could burn themselves very badly. If your child was to get ahold of a candle they could very possibly catch something on fire.


Poisons your child could get ahold of can be found in your bathroom and kitchen. You want to make sure those cabinets are always locked up good so they cannot access them. If you have to go answer the phone while taking medicine, take the child with you. If you have guests staying over, make sure that they store any medicine that they may need to take in a safe spot.


With stairs, you should make sure that when your child gets to be mobile, that there are baby gates on them to prevent the child from getting hurt. Stairs can cause fractured bones, carpet burn, eye injuries, and brain injuries.