Save Plants

You need plants and plants need you!

Some information about why we should save plants is...

Plants need us for the carbon dioxide we breath out, and we need them for the oxygen they release as their waste. Plants are also important to animals the same reason they are to us. Animals need oxygen form plants as well. Plants also need the suns light for their energy. One last thing that the plants need is water. They need the hydrogen form the water. Short story short plants take radiant energy and transform it into chemical energy which is their food called glucose. Plants are found at the beginning of the food chain.


Photosynthesis is the process where radiant energy (from the sun) is used to turn water and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen. without photosynthesis there would be no humans, animals or plants. For photosynthesis to happen the plant needs water, carbon dioxide and light which is radiant energy from the sun.

Process of photosynthesis is...

This all happens to make the plants food called Glucose

  • the plant takes in radiant energy form the sun
  • the plant takes in water for its hydrogen
  • the plant also takes in carbon dioxide
  • after the plant makes glucose than it lets go of the extra elements which is oxygen

Scientist use this formula to represent phototsynthesis

  • CO2+H2O+Light(radiant energy=O2 and C6H12O6
  • CO2=carbon dioxide
  • H2O=water
  • O2=oxygen
  • C6H12O6=glucose


Chloroplast is a organelle in the plant cell. It also is the sight of photosynthesis. without chloroplast there wouldn't be any photosynthesis.