Racing the River Ogmore

Dia Dos (as Mr Murphy would say!!!)

Day 2 by Shakeel and Nabil

We got up at 8am and went to eat breakfast.Then we headed to our lesson to make a risk assessment and go over what we were going to do today.We then got on the coach to our 3 sites.We collected data on the river,in all three sites.Four hours later we arrived back at the Margam discovery centre and had a break, we then had a lesson where we completed our data collection table and made a sketch of the source.

Today's Awards

Kaylen - using the multiple surface cleaner to wash his hands!

Eye Roll Ubah - who spent most of the morning rolling her eyes.

Hussain AKA Rolex - Litter Bug Award

Miss Preece - for not following Cheyenne's risk assessment, which she wrote in class, and promptly being told off by Cheyenne.