Whadjuck People

Aboriginal Group


The Whadjuck people are a group of Aboriginal people, inhabiting Perth, Western Australia. The Whadjuck region covers approximately 5,580 square metres.


The Whadjuck people live in Perth, Western Australia. Their region stretches from Walyunga to the Jarrah Forests.


The Whadjuck people have a diet consisting of fish, grey kangaroos, mallee fowl eggs, zamia palm, tammar wallabies, burrowing frogs and birds returning from their northern hemisphere migration


The weather in Perth is cool and moist. The Whadjuck survived by using the skin of kangaroos to use as cloaks to keep warm and built waterproof huts when they were staying for long occasions.

Beliefs and sacred animals

Crows are sacred to the Aborigines inhabiting Western Australia called Noongars. They believe that a Noongar with special powers turned into a crow

The First Fleet

In 1831, unfriendly encounters with the British and the Aborigines. The British executed the Whadjuck tribal chief, Midgegooroo and his son, Yagan, death in 1833.


White stone tools have been found on Rottnest Island and have been estimated to be 70,000 years old

Red ochre is used in Whadjuck ceremonies, and is also used to dye hair.

By Doris and Jasmine