ADAKA Climbing Company

By: April, Katie. Ashley, Adam and David


Our Route:

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  • ELEVATION: 9,250 feet above sea level

  • 6-8 days to hike to Base Camp from here
  • This is where you will start acclimatizing

Base Camp

  • ELEVATION: 17,600 feet

  • Located at the edge of the Khumbu Glacier

  • You will spend several weeks here to help you get used to the lower oxygen

Camp I

  • Here, you will pass the Khumbu Icefall at 19,500 feet, which has giant chunks of ice also called seracs

  • It will take 1-3 weeks to set up here

  • Most dangerous part of the climb is to get to Camp I, because of shifting seracs and crevasses

Camp II

  • This is where you will get to pass the valley of silence

  • You will camp at the base of Lhotse Face which rises up 3,700 feet

  • This is also where you will start to use crampons and ropes to attach to the ice

Camp III

  • You can have a beautiful view of the mountains if it is a sunny day

  • It is perched on a narrow ledge halfway up the Lhotse Face

  • Ascend 500 feet to reach South Col

Camp IV

  • South Col is a saddle between the Lhotse Face and the Summit at Camp IV

  • From here, it only takes about 12 hours to get to the summit, which is only 3,000 vertical feet up

  • Can’t stay longer than 2-3 days, because low oxygen levels make it difficult to breathe

  • You will have to climb along a knife-edge ridge


  • Summit is at 29,035 ft

  • 4-hour climb back to Camp IV

  • Beautiful view of the mountain range and Tibet in the north and Nepal in the south


You Will Be Provided With ...

... With Your Equipment Payment of $3042.75


Flight from the Airport to Lukla:

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Flight To Kathmunda:

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