Area 53

The community with a 10ft tall fence

If you want to move to a beautiful area with a lake, plenty of room, and security, then area 53 is the place to be. Sign our contract where you will live in a wonderful community filled with great citizens and a caring community for 50 Years ! There is a lot to offer with a forest, gathering temple for The new growing popular religion. This is great for the beginning stage of the family cycle. Great for newlywed couple without children.
Big picture
We have a Walmart, mall, apartment complex, condos, houses,a hospital, community college, many public services, and a prison to keep the bad boys in. Good boys get to go higher rank and work as police officers keeping people in line and giving them their rations every week .
Big picture
The grand opening of the city there will be a town fair with a petting zoo, a festival, many stands for food, and a corn maze.