Hard Wood Praries

Located in Central-East Texas

Hard Wood Praries Poem

As I open my eyes

I see the sunrise,

A piece of art like no other,

Painted by Gods fingertips.

Soon the flowers blossoms will open,

Exposing all of the precious colors to the world.

The dew will drop of the grasses

And water the soil.

The oak tree branches sway in the wind,

While the deer scamper across open fields.

The mockingbird sings there song as

The gopher burrows for his daytime home.

The wind chips away at Rock,

The water carves its path threw the soil.

Soon all of the sculpted earth will end up in

Rivers, lakes, and streams.

The ranchers herd there Cattle,

And plant the seeds- so they to can have an

Impact on the earth,

But only for themselves

For the food and money that comes with the work.

As the day begins to end ,

All of the nocturnal animals come out

Ready for there day to start.