The Indians

In ancient times


They made dams,ditches,and a lot more.There houses were made of adobe or stone.They were( multi-storied) or very high.More than 1000 people in there tribe

These multiple indian tribes.....

Are very interesting to among. There skills are very high and great agility

pictures of ancient Indians ways

Above people,creations,and land

Adena or (Eastern woodlands people)

Ohio valley is where they lived, they grew squash, sunflowers, gourds, and barley.They made jewelry and fine pottery.They made burial mounds made out of log structures and covered with earth


arrived in Ohio valley in 300 B.C.They built mounds that were so high, 40 feet high, and 700 feet wide. Adena and hopewell both refered to as the'' mound builders''.