CCMS Weekly

May 11, 2016

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

52 tennis victories for Cornwall Tennis led by Greevy, 6 more Fridays, 5 more Mondays, 2 more fire drills, 1 last nerve ;)

Upcoming Events

May 11th: 7/8 Concert

May 13th: Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Sponsored by the PTO, in the Library.

Chrome Book Carts and Labs Not Available

The Carts and Labs will not be available due to STAR testing from May 16- June 3. This may (will) be adjusted as we go.

6th Grade Advanced and Accelerated Applications

Applications are due back 5/13.

May 17th: Budget Vote

Exercise your rights

May 18th: 5/6 Concert


Moving Up Department Awards

At our June 6th faculty meeting we will break out into departments to briefly provide some nominations for the grade 8 department level awards.

STAR Password


New Copiers

We wish our Konica copy repair men fair well on May 19th. We will have new copiers installed. One of the new features will be printing will require you to swipe in to access your printing that you sent to the copier using your ID badge. There will also now be a large copier in each faculty room. The main office copier will be a small copier only used for office work.

Chrome Book Carts

Please make sure if there is a problem with a chrome book or a cart you put in a work order and let Mark, Sam and I know ASAP.

Please make sure chrome books are stored safely and neatly every day and every period. Please plug them all in every night and make sure they are all taken care of for the next person who uses them.

SLOs and Refusals

Two documents have been shared with you. The SLO calendar and the Refusal document. Please check the refusal document against your records or notes you have previously received. We handled hundreds of letters. It's always good to have someone double check your work.

Grade 7 Math Field Test

We have been selected to administer the Grade 7 Math field Test. It will be administered the last week before Memorial Day and first week in June, in math class.


Please logon to your TEACH account to verify your information. We will be answering questions on Monday at CIP. Please log on to

You can also call 518-486-6041. Help is available from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

School Tool Grade Book Training

Please check out MLP for classes on School Tool Grade Book.

Links to Checkout