#MichED Chat 5/7/14

Do more/less of ______ in 14/15? @ Wednesday, 8 p.m.

Topic: Do more and less of what in 2014 / 2015?

This week we will discuss opportunities for the 2014/2015 school year. Moderator Rachelle Wynkoop will host what will be a great #MichED discussion.

The #MichED chat team for 5/7:

Co-Moderator - Todd Bloch

Co-Moderator - Jeff Bush


1.What was one thing you tried in 13-14 that you will do research on over the summer and make better in 14-15?

2. What is one thing you will cut out to make next year run smoother?

3. What is one thing you will allow your students to take over?

4. What will you do more of for community connections?

5. What would you like to see #michED do more of next year? (Less)

6. What will you do more of to encourage student passion?

May #MichED Chat Topics

5/7/14: Do more/less next year (Jeff Bush)

5/14/14: 1) Parent / Community tech events (Bill Martin)

5/21/14: Reflection of 13/14 school year (Jeremy Evans)

5/28/14: Open educational resources. (Jenny Grabiec)

6/4/14: Engaging students & personal growth over the summer (Moderator TBD)

The #MichED Chat Team