No More Cocaine

stop using cocaine, it's not good for your health

Cocaine effects

  1. The first effect of cocaine is that cocaine causes long term or short teem memory loss.
  2. The second effect of cocaine is that cocaine makes craving centers the brain.
  3. The third effect is that cocaine can make you high and hyper.
These are good explanations of why you should not use cocaine


Statistic 1: Between 150 and 200 million people use drugs each year

Statistic 2: 23.9 million Americans used illegal drugs in 2012

Guaranteed to give you problems

problems given by cocaine

cocaine is a drug a lot of people don't take seriously. It's illegal for a reason because your going to have a lot of problems. you will most likely get long or short term memory loss. Cocaine can also make you seriously high and this is not good for you whatsoever.

Don't use cocaine its not good

cocaine has 3 negative effects as shown above.