Jacqui's Piano Studio

January/February 2021 Newsletter

Welcome Back!

Happy 2021! The Classical Christmas recital playlist was awesome! If you haven't seen it, please check it out here and also subscribe to the studio channel since we are doing so much virtual performing this year!--> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXkhDjE65jHHUMSJ-fl3fOyuc_gSFRE4u

We have some upcoming events including February Break. Before that, we have group classes the first week of February. I have a list down below with a class schedule. During February break, Delaney and I will have make up lesson days. All the important upcoming dates are listed below.

We have started the PIANO PRACTICE RACE. Students need to complete three tasks to win a medal at the recital. You can print the flyer below.

1. 100 days of practice in a row

2. Reading all piano explorers

3. Composing a piece of music or writing a song

Student with the most practice minutes will receive a medal!!

Please make sure to join our closed facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/205311736482546

Porch Pick Up Days

Saturday, January 30th - 10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Sunday, January 31st - 2:00 PM-4:00 PM

Please come by the studio during these times if you are taking online lessons and need to pick up some materials, practice race print offs, prizes, etc! Table of bags will be out front. Please check name tags.

ZOOM Group Class Week Saturday January 30th-Thursday Feb 4th (No private lessons during group class week)

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For Best Possible Zoom Settings Refer to images below

Group Class Schedule

Sunday, January 31st

2:00 PM (Music and Movement over ZOOM)

- Harper Diehl

- Asher Hammond

- Emily, Grace, and Maxwell Komabayashi

- Robbie MacMath

- Gunnar Savage

- Daphne Simisky

- Niko Van Halen

3:30 PM

- Bailey Cole

- Mellina Dibir

- Isis Hobbs

- Emma Huston

- Audrey MacMath

- Emily Savage

- Reese Slocum

- Seran Suzuk

- Amelia Tu

-Eleanor Andrews

5:30 PM

- Rowan Barger

- Jia Chase

- Winnie and Lucy Dubail

- Saoirse Farrell

- Wilford Peeler

- Frankie Sanfino

- Kineo Sommers

- Sara Tracy

-Carol Anne LaMontagne

Monday, February 1st

4:00 PM

- Ruby Driscoll

- Emre and Kaya Gunduz

- Jack and Faith Newkirk

- Claire Simon

- Sam and Jacqueline Sirois

-Sofia Beghelli

5:30 PM (ZOOM)

- Aden and Asher Ali

- Emily and Grace Madeleine Klibansky

- Zahira and Zayena Vasaiwala

-Hok and Oslo Woodin

-Margot and Addie Roskelley

Wednesday, February 3rd

4:00 PM

- Harrison Burkhardt

- Quinn and Jack Cuneo

- Kelsey Nash

- Maya Raber

-Jillian Tasker

-Mira Barger

-Milo Fantigrossi

*If you need to switch classes please let me know. If your child is not on this list please let me know

Make-Up Lessons

Jacqui: Monday February 15th

Delaney: Thursday February 18th

Make up lesson spots are available from 2:00 PM-6:30 PM. Please register in your parent portal in the online calendar

February Break--There are no regular private lessons during break, only make ups

Saturday, February 13th-Thursday, February 18th

In case you haven't seen the Halloween Bash!!

Virtual Halloween Bash 2020