Laura Ingalls Wilder.

By: Kaitlyn E. Williams

Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

By: Kaitlyn E.Williams

Who Is Laura Ingalls Wilder ?

Laura Ingalls Wilder is a famous person. Laura Elizabeth Ingalls (Wilder) was born on February 7 1867. Her Family moved many times each year. Laura was second of five children born to Caroline & Charles (Ma & Pa) Ingalls. Laura’s siblings were Mary, Caroline (also called Carrie) Freddy, and Grace Ingalls. Laura’s earliest memory was in 1869. Ma & Pa & Mary was packing everything that could fit in a covered wagon. Laura's family was moving to the Kansas prairie. Laura was very excited.

What did Laura do?

Laura spent years writing stories and poems for Mary,Carrie,and Grace. Soon Laura became a school teacher. A boy named Almanzo drove Laura to and from the school everyday except Saturday and Sunday. One day Almanzo even asked Laura to marry him. She said yes. Laura and Almanzo had a daughter named Rose and a son but sadly there son died. Laura, Almanzo, and Rose then moved to the Ozarks. They built a farm, hone, barn, and planted food. They named there place Rocky Rige Farm. Laura enjoyed Rocky Rige Farm. Almanzo died a few years later. Laura died on Febuary 10th 1957 at age 90.
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