Photography Contest

Dear Siestaites,

With Ganesh Chaturthi round the corner, every part of the country lights up in hues of festive colors to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

In an attempt to capture the essence and magic of the festivities, we introduce to you The Festive Frame - Photography Contest. The contest is open to all and the best 3 pictures will be chosen of which the winner will be awarded with gift vouchers for herself/himself and family.

Excited much??!!...we sure are.


You are all requested to follow the below guidelines while submitting your entries for the competition,
  • The theme for the photograph has to be related to Ganesh Chaturthi and its festivities
  • The entries need to be submitted in .jpg formats
  • Every participant is allowed only one submission
  • The submissions need to be sent to The photograph should have a caption followed by your name
  • The subject line of the mail should be "The Festive Frame"
  • Please ensure that the file size does not exceed 10 MB. In case of problems to email the picture owing to the size, please submit the same to the regional HR SPOC
  • The last date of submission is the 17th September 2016
  • Please submit photographs that are un-manipulated and real. We want to see the festival through your eyes, not the tools of Photoshop or setup photography
  • Please do not digitally enhance or alter your photographs (beyond the basics needed to achieve realistic color balance and sharpness)
  • The winners will be asked to submit the raw files of their pictures to verify their authenticity, hence, please do not plagiarize
  • Please do not submit fisheye lenses or stitched panaroma images


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