Fashion Trends of the 1920's

By: Calynn and Ali


During the modernist era, women gained freedoms and independence, and represented it through their fashions. Their fashion trends changed from longer to shorter, high-waisted dress/pants to low-waisted dress/pants, became more revealing. Not only their fashion changed, every women had the "bobbed" hairstyle.

Famous Fashion Designer

  • Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel
  • Jeanna Lanvin
  • Elsa Schiaparelli
  • Sonia Delauney
  • Jean Patou
  • Madeline Vionnet
  • Florrie Westwood
  • norman Hartnell
  • Hilda Steward
  • Victor Stiebel

Women Fashion Trends

  • Flapper dresses
  • Silk Gowns
  • Bobbed Hairstyle: 'Dutch boy', Eton Crop, 'Marcel wave', Castle, 'Shingle'.
  • "Boyish" look
  • Short Flapper styles
  • Striking Art Deco designs

Interesting Facts

  • Mannequins were used more.
  • Velvet, silk, and furs were for the wealthy, and cottons and wool were cheap.
  • There were a lot more of hooks, buttons, zippers, snaps, and scarves.
  • A huge fashion statement was the bell-shaped cloche hat.
  • Popular shoes were ankle straps, pumps, and T-straps.
  • Make-up was not accepted before the 1920's, but became used.


During this era, men wore pinstriped suits, silk shirts, tuxedo, fur coats, handkerchief, fedora hats, suspenders, leather shoes, and bow ties. The famous suit was known as the "Zoot Suit". Many men begins to wear sports clothing for the first time.

Men's Fashion

  • Less formal styles
  • Sportswear
  • Tuxedo introduced
  • Spats were introduced
  • Sweaters and knickerbockers (casual styles)
  • Hair was short, shiny, slick back, and parted

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