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The Traditional S'more

There have been many ways to make s'mores but the most traditional way is fire.
Nowadays there are many many ways to make these delicious treats, through fire, microwave, or even roasting on the oven. Whats your favorite way?
    To make a smore all you have to do is take a graham cracker break it in half and set it down on a plate then take your marshmallow and shove it on the stick, then roast it over the fire. Once that's done grab the graham crackers and shove the marshmallow in between the two and now grab your chocolate choice and shove on top! Now ENJOY
    Let's Go Chipper "How Long till We Get There" aka The S'more Song


    Audio Recording on Friday morning by studentthirteen


    This was cool! I really liked the video K.G.
    I loved the song!!! HI
    Good job that was a funny video! SK