Jamberry June Newsletter

What's new and exciting coming your way?

Summer Blizzard is upon us.

There is so much going on at Jamberry this month, I decided to "Let it go" and share it with all of you so nobody misses out.
As some of you may know, Jamberry has collaborated with Disney to give us The Disney Collection by Jamberry. Each month, new wraps are released and older volumes will retire, so get your favorite characters while you can.
Volume I retired in May, but we can't be sad, because Volume II of the Disney Collection was released as well as Disney Frozen!
To top off the excitement of releasing 29 new Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps, Jamberry also announced that the Disney Collection will now be included in the Buy 3 Get 1 Special. You can mix and match the Disney Collection with other non-premium wraps however you will receive the least expensive wrap as your free one.

The Heat Is On Contest (No purchase necessary to win!)

This month I am going to be giving away a set of the Frozen wraps (or winner's wrap of choice) to cool this already hot spring down.
I will be picking 10 cities for ten different days in June. Participants will guess what they think the temperature will be in the chosen city on the designated day and time. For each degree you are off, you will earn a point. Whomever earns the least amount of points for all ten cities will win the free wrap.
You can subtract a point for each purchase made.
If you are interested in joining this contest, please contact me.
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The sisters have done it again with June's Sister Style Exclusive Fruit Stand. What better way to represent the beginning of summer than with this bright wrap that is sure to get you in the mood for your summer vacations and farmer's markets. This wrap is available until June 30.

Battle of the Hostesses with winner to receive LULAROE

As always I am looking for hostesses to help earn FREE and discounted Jamberry. Who doesn't love free, especially when it gets you cute nails?
But what if hosting and earning free Jamberry could also earn you a FREE PAIR of the popular LULAROE leggings?? I LOVE to support other Direct Sales companies and Lularoe is one of my favorites.
Anyone interested in becoming a part of the hostess battle, please contact me asap. I am looking for 5 ladies, get your spot now!
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Very Important Customers (VIC's)

I will be creating a VIC page for my customers. This page will be a fun group for us to get to know one another, share tips, and give special customer only promostions. Let me know if you would like to be added to this special group.
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