Character Map- Reynard Muldoon

The Mysterious Benedict Society

About Reynard

Reynard- commonly referred to as Reynie- is an intelligent, out-of-the-box eleven year-old. As an orphan, he was abandoned by his family and taken to the Stonetown orphanage. He is regarded as strange by his peers at the orphanage, enjoys reading in seclusion.

The Plot

Reynie sees an advertisement while reading a newspaper, asking for gifted children to take a test to receive "special opportunities". Seeing this, he takes up the opportunity, and passes all the tests. He is paired with other children to form a team, under the supervision of a once-respected scientist, Mr. Benedict. They were informed that for years, messages were being broadcast into people's minds, without their knowing, and all of the trusted government officials capable of stopping it have mysteriously disappeared. This group of children are Mr. Benedict's last hope for stopping "The Whisperer".

Other Teammates

You can count on Reynie to Lead this Team