Benefits of getting lego Friends

Lego Friends

Mia and Emma

Mia and Emma work at a pet shop. Emma gose to ticwondo,desins dresses,and horse back rideing. Mia is learning to play drums,but she makes sure that there are no animals around when she practices. Mia is a talted horse back rider. Its like Mia and Emma are the same!


Olivia is a new kid in Heart lake city. She has a huge house. She wants to be a inventer. She created a large chalkbord. Olivia's family moved to Hart lake city because her dad,Peter, got a job as editor of the Heart lake times. Olivia's mom,Anna,is a docter.

Stephanie and Andrea

Andrea loves music. She is a singer at Heart lake city. Stephanie is a soccer player.

She has a pet rabbit but it is a bunny.