my journey

My Life In The Simplest Form

Introduction :)

Hello, My name Is....WELL I really cant be telling my name so that's why I made up the name of nutella. I was born here in America in Pennsylvania. I grew up in a happy home with my older sister Nina, my older brother max, me as the youngest, and my mom and dad. we lived in a single house then we moved into a bigger town home then the usual size. but then my parents got divorced and now I live here in Feasterville, we live in a town house that now is the average size home. I go to a middle school so I am soon to be 13. I like to draw and express my imagination. I do dance and I also play ice hockey growing up ( I know its a boy sport get over it) I do tap and ballroom. I used to do hip hop but now I don't. I play piano and sing. I go to a singing theater arts performance thing were we act and sing musicals. I also do cheer and I modeled for 3 years but I quit last year because of an incident during modeling. and now here I am in the school of temple typing this thing because I got super bored. so now I guess I will be writing a blog. yippee. so keep looking threw and see if there is any new things about me. byeeee!