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December 2021

Semester one is almost done!

The beginning of the year came and went in the blink of an eye. First came Football, Volleyball and topping off with Homecoming. Basketball season has now begun and brings with it the end of our first semester and the year 2021.” What are the Pirates looking forward to during the Christmas Break?” The yearbook staff went out and about asking around campus to discover a plethora of answers and hopes from students and staff.

High School Homecoming Court

King & Queen

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Middle School Homecoming Court

Secondary Door Decorating Winners

Every year as part of our homecoming fun, the Secondary campus has a friendly door decorating competition. The week of Homecoming, 2nd period classes work on decorating their doors according to the football team we are playing that week. Friday morning the doors are judged by impartial CPISD staff. This years Middle School Door winner was Mrs. Brunet's class and the High winner was the Art class.

Elementary Homecoming Court

Christmas Fundraiser

Students on the Secondary Campus held a coin drive competition to raise funds to purchase Christmas dinner and gifts for families in need in our community. How the competition worked was that each grade level had a coin bucket at the window of the front office. Grade levels were given points for every coin they added to their bucket (example: Pennies = 1 point & nickels = 5 points) but if bills were in their bucket they lost that number of points(example: one dollar took 100 points away from their bucket. The winning classes, which were the Seniors & 8th Graders, will be awarded a movie and pizza party the week before winter break. Thank you Center Point Secondary Students for taking on this fundraiser and raising money for a good cause.
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Upcoming Events

Winter Break December 22, 2021- January 9, 2022 (School Holiday)

Christmas December 25, 2021

New Years Eve December 31, 2021

New Years Day January 1, 2022

Club Picture Day January 13, 2022

Martin Luther King Day January 17, 2022

Valentine's Day February 14, 2022

President's Day February 21, 2022 (School Holiday)